Hopefully most of the tasks you need to complete with this system will be pretty straightforward. This page gives a quick overview of the basics.

Adding assets to the DAM

Uploading a single file


Uploading multiple files at once

This is not yet possible but will be coming in an update.

Tagging assets

Assets can be tagged with terms within several pre-defined categories such as Brands, Drinks, Food etc. There is also a category actually called ‘Tags’ that allows you to enter text freely.

It’s a good idea to add tags to assets as soon as they’re uploaded so that the system remains well organised. Your most recent uploads will appear in a tagging area under the upload form.

Users with an Editor level account can also edit tags on assets from within the main Asset Library. To do this, choose one or more assets by clicking on the preview card and then click the Edit button at the top of the Asset Library. A tagging panel should now slide in from the right side of the screen. Any tags that have already been added to the asset will be selected already allowing you to remove previously applied tags.

If you have chosen multiple assets to edit the tag list will be combined. e.g. If you select ‘burger.jpg’ and ‘pint.jpg’ to edit at the same time you might see tags for both ‘food’ and ‘drink’ in the edit panel. Any changes you make will apply to all selected assets. This is useful when editing groups of related assets.

Adding new tags to the pre-defined sections

Users with Administrator level accounts can add new tags to the pre-defined lists. This is done through the WordPress admin interface. For example, if you wanted to add a year to the Years list you would navigate to the Year taxonomy which appears in the Media section of the WordPress admin.